Writing a Research Essay: Challenge Accepted

How to write a research essay? It has never been an easy task. For a couple of hours (or, let’s be realistic, days) you have an opportunity to try on the role of a research scientist. It is natural if you feel uncomfortable and apprehended since research essays belong to a higher level of education.

So, we will try to help you fulfill such an uphill task.

Every essay, regardless of its type, starts with a question: what am I going to tell people? Research essay topics are much more serious and profound than any other type. You may be asked to explore a social issue or a complex scientific subject. So, first and foremost, find out if there is enough material available on the selected topic. Additionally, examine the works already performed on your or congenial topics. For instance, research paper essay examples will help you to define how deeply investigated your topic is and if you can propose any fresh insights into the matter.

Research essay structure employs the quite familiar to us three-part composition (introduction, main body and conclusion), but with an interesting twist: you write the introduction last. Why? Because it is much easier to introduce your topic to the audience when you have already done your research and thoroughly examined the issue. Thus, start by describing the main points that support your thesis in the body. The conclusion must sum up in a concise manner your work as a researcher and give the reader a sense of closure.

Research essay format may vary depending on your educational institution requirements, but they all coincide in the following: your research essay must be readable, without any illegible fonts or acid colors.

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