Key Characteristics of a Good Reflective Essay

If we try to give a reflective essay definition, we can come to a conclusion that this is a kind of essay that involves an analysis of a problem or an event as well as explains it and contains the author’s personal opinions and feelings. What makes it complicated is that we have to provide our own view on the matter and at the same time remain objective. The main advantage is that from the possible reflective essay topics you may select the one that genuinely concerns you. You do not have to dig in other people’s thoughts and accurately recite them, you only need to sink into your thoughts and make your own conclusion, as we can see from various reflective essay examples.

However, it does not facilitate the task with reflective essay writing. Let’s have a fleeting glance on how to write a reflective essay, particularly an English reflective essay.

The reflective essay structure is similar to the pattern of the majority of academic writings. What distinguishes it from the rest is its free form. You can shape your essay into a common structure of the introduction, body and conclusion, but you can also present your views and feelings in a unique, one-of-a-kind style. But your language must be descriptive, and it is advisable to hold a discussion from the first-person perspective, since you are expected to write an essay about your own experience and individual opinions. Strong reflective essay samples may give you an idea how to maintain balance between critical thinking and creativity when giving a perspective on what kind of person you are.

But what is to be done if you are not that kind of person who enjoys plunging into a reverie instead of practical actions? Should your grades suffer from it? By all means, no. Visit and impress your teachers and mates with a unique, flawless reflective essay!