Students Ask – How to Write a Knockout Synthesis Essay?

Although synthesis essay writing belongs to the most widely applied activities, many students ask not only how to write a synthesis essay, but also what it is. Let’s find out!

Basically, this unusual kind of essay serves to make connections between several pieces of writing or different parts of one writing. It unites different sources into one comprehensible work.

In case you are producing an explanatory synthesis essay, your task is quite simple. You need to read through the sources assigned to you by a teacher or chosen by you and unite them into a readable text. The range of sources shouldn’t be too broad.

Making up a synthesis essay of argumentative nature is harder. In this situation, you need to suggest your attitude to the information you’ve brought together from different sources.

The synthesis essay structure is equal to the other types of compositions: introduction – body paragraph – conclusion. Nevertheless, if you are eager to produce a really good work, you need to “decorate” this framework with additional approaches, such as providing illustrations and usage of contrast and comparison.

Write in the third person only – this will make the information provided by you look more credible. Avoid unnecessary passive voice. Make the paragraphs seem coherent by using transition between them.

In synthesis essays, it’s usually obligatory to cite the materials you’ve used. Don’t forget about that and be sure to proofread and revise your essay before handing it in.

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