Simple Rules for Writing a Decent Profile Essay

Have you ever faced the necessity to describe a person to some “third party,” who doesn’t know him/her? In case you had, you must know how extremely hard it may be to find the right words to reflect the nature of the person you’re describing. It’s always tough to make up a vivid image of somebody you know, and the others don’t. It’s even more difficult to make this image interesting and captivating.

How to write a profile essay professionally? This is a rather problematic task, but there’s nothing impossible!

There exists an enormous amount of profile essay topics, varying from places and activities to people. Among these, personal profile essays hold a specific place because they are an essential part of studying and, more importantly, work.

There are many profile essay samples on the Internet, which you may use for reference, but, in order to create a perfect profile essay by yourself, you need to remember several rules:

  1. Base it on your personal observation and try to be objective. A very tricky task is to write about a close person because it alters your neutral position. If you are telling about yourself, consider looking at yourself from the perspective of your friends/colleagues/teachers, etc.;
  2. If you are describing yourself, don’t be too shy. Advertise yourself! Here is a profile essay sample illustrating this idea:
  3. “Every day at the office, I am held responsible for making major decisions. Although it requires a lot of willpower and self-control, I am sure to consider the needs of all the colleagues involved. I deeply care about my team, because only shared contribution makes success possible.”

  4. Your autobiographical essay must be original. Make it memorable. You can describe some life-altering moment or tell about your character strengths. Of course, you might use any profile essay example from the Internet for encouragement, but it’s better to develop your personal idea about how to make people recognize you in the crowd.

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