Illustration Essay

When one hears that it is necessary to write an illustration essay (also called expository or explaining essay), no hesitation concerning the contents of the work is left. Writing such a creative essay, the author has to formulate the principal thesis and prove it with convincing examples and descriptions in a detail-oriented manner. Illustration essay examples should be vivid and true-to-life. They may be obtained from the author’s personal experience and direct observations or by interviewing other people and collecting their opinions and ideas. To write an efficient illustrative essay means to select exact and accurate examples that will help readers understand the subject matter of the work and support the main idea with trustworthy and fascinating evidence. The amount of examples in an illustration essay cannot be limited, but they should be vivid, powerful and extremely convincing. Moreover, the examples must describe the very essence of the phenomenon, not just the case in general.

In order to create good essays, choose illustration essay topics that are:

  • up-to-date – the reader will not be interested in the decades-old information;
  • narrow – general topics usually discover no new aspects;
  • audience-oriented – the topic may bear relevance to any sphere of human living: sports, culinary art, astronomy, politics, education, etc. However, keep in mind what your readers are ready to read.

A sample illustration essay must strike the reader’s attention, provide relevant and indisputable examples and conform to the generally accepted essay structure of an introduction, main body and a conclusion.

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