Exploratory Essay – What Does it Explore and How?

Exploratory essay may resemble a problem-solving essay. The main difference is that here you’re not focusing on the solution itself but on the process of your investigation. It also comprises contemplations on the opinions of different people regarding the selected problem.

Any exploratory essay example must have the following constituent parts:

  1. Introduction. In this part, the author outlines the chosen issue and tells the audience why it is of such great importance. There must be references to the people who have already tackled the problem and to their ways of doing it.
  2. Body paragraphs. Here the author of an exploratory essay lists all the sources he/she used together with the description of the impact these ideas had on him/her.
  3. Conclusion. This part isn’t supposed to give any direct answers to the questions arising in research. It just outlines the possible ways for further investigations and sources to use.

Try not to get lost in a variety of exploratory essay topics. Choose a topic, that will be really exciting for you, and that you can further investigate in the future.

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