Tips of Writing the Winning Commonwealth Essay

Is your focus set on getting the prize for the essay on commonwealth games? You have come to the right place. You are only required to follow the guidelines we will offer of coming up with an excellent commonwealth essay and you will be good to go. Essays meant for contests or competitions are a good way of turning your command in writing and creativity into a good prize. Remember that you need to make your essay the best. If you are asked to write on an essay about wealth for instance; you have to ensure that you cover the topic in the sharpest ways, ways that the rest of the contestants will not think of using. Give your essay an edge as the judges will have to read hundreds of entries where most of the essays blend and are easily forgotten therefore make your noticeable. The tips we have offered will help you in winning the commonwealth essay writing competition.

  • Make sure that you have well understood the rules of the contest by reading them thoroughly and not overlooking any sentence.
  • Brainstorm for the best essay ideas and do not just jump into writing the essay
  • Choose a concept of the essay which suits the sponsor and theme of the competition
  • Ensure that you have started with an attention grabber. This is crucial as it will determine the attitude the judge will have on your essay.
  • You can now come up with the essay’s first draft. You will not have to worry about perfecting anything at this point.
  • You can have something that will help out in being more successful with your essay for instance Red Mittens for Terry Ryan
  • Keenly go through your essay to ensure that it is well organized and has a good flow

How to write for the Commonwealth Essay Competition When Given a topic like Forest Wealth Essay

The commonwealth has had many competitions in various years like essay on commonwealth games 2010, commonwealth essay competition 2014 where contestants are asked to write about various topics. To win at these games considering the high number of entries you need to know how to write in the commonwealth essay competition and make your essay stand out. Different years come with different topics for instance you might be asked to write on forest wealth essay, wealth essay, wealth definition essay. It does not matter what you have been asked to write about what counts is whether you will be able to make your commonwealth essay 2014 leave a positive mark in the judge’s minds. Your need to find a way to make sure that the emotions of the reader are evoked depending on the topic and what you have chosen to write about. Most importantly ensure that your essay follows each rule.

If you follow the guidelines provided you will have a higher chance of winning. Look on our site for more information of the tips of writing.